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The Fast Track to Success, Growth, and Profits

Business mastermind and CEO of Pinnacle Global Network® Allison Maslan mentors business owners who want to grow rock-star companies while living meaningful lives

Everyone wants their business to succeed, but as we look around at the businesses we encounter every day in our communities, it is plain to see that some simply don’t make it very far from their launching pads. So what is the difference between a business that succeeds and one that doesn’t? Why do some business owners struggle while others thrive? Serial entrepreneur and global business mentor Allison Maslan has identified the “secret sauce” of business success and she shares it with her clients through her Pinnacle Global Network Business Mentoring and Mastermind.


Scale or Fail

There are many books for start-ups. This is not one of them.

Scale or Fail: How to Build Your Dream Team, Explode Your Growth, and Let Your Business Soar” is the first and only book on scaling a business written by a woman. It shows business owners how to grow, replicate, and expand while at the same time building a self-managed company they can step away from for periods of time as it continues to soar.

Most Fortune 500 Companies are structured in a way that the CEOs can come and go without impacting the company’s success. This is a mere dream for most business owners, but in this book, Allison Maslan shows them exactly how to make this a reality.

“To me, successful scaling means that you get to a point in your business where you are flying higher with less effort and resistance — like a professional trapeze artist who creates more height, power, and momentum when he allows the physics of his leap, swing, and team to carry him to new heights,” she says.

“Scaling your business is one of the wildest rides you will ever take in your life. It gives you the opportunity to utilize your gifts and solutions to not only affect those around you, but to literally impact millions — and potentially billions — of people around the world. In the process, you will build an asset that can support your desired lifestyle for years to come.”

“Scale or Fail shows business owners exactly how to propel their businesses to the next level using Allison’s exclusive SCALEit Method®:

S – Strategic Vision
C – Cash Flow
A – Alliance of the Team
L – Leadership
E – Execution

“There are many books available that share and teach principles that will help you grow your company,” Allison says. “Often the reader completes one of these books feeling inspired and motivated, but then becomes perplexed on what steps to actually take to reach their goals and how to apply them to their own business. What sets ‘Scale or Fail’ apart is that I am not merely sharing my philosophy with you on how you can scale your business. In these pages, I also teach you step-by-step how to utilize the SCALEit Method to fast-track your success, growth, and profits. It’s easy to follow, workable, and so valuable.”

A Mentor Who Has Been There

These days, everyone is a life coach or business coach, from young adults fresh out of college to your next-door neighbor. In a world where it’s challenging for moderately successful business owners to find someone with the real-world experience to support them, Allison Maslan stands apart as a true business mentor, organizational expert, and empowerment leader.

She has successfully built 10 companies to seven-figure success and beyond in several different industries, including the largest homeopathic college in the country and a full-service advertising agency that supported national clients such as Ben & Jerry’s and Supercuts. Allison knows what it takes to build and scale a business from entrepreneur to enterprise, and she knows how to take business owners from surviving to thriving in their companies and their lives.

“If you are stuck in the rat race and are only going after the biggest piece of cheese,” she says, “you might become a millionaire or even a billionaire. Yet you will never become a happy millionaire or billionaire because you were only focused on the end goal — not the thrilling human journey along the way. Most highly successful business owners are driven by a deeper purpose well beyond money. Believe me, I feel money is a great thing! The more I earn, the more people I can help elevate, and the more causes I can get behind. However, if money were my only goal, I would have quit long ago, never staying the course through the tough days.”

Creating Healthier, Wealthier CEOs

Allison asks business owners: Are you attracting the kind of “Big Picture” vision you want for yourself in business and in life?

“As a driven, Type A CEO,” she says, “you are most likely focused solely on your goals, which is important. However, if you are so singularly focused that you miss out on the star-studded landscape around you and the little miracles falling at your feet on a daily basis, you will arrive at your destination with years of missed opportunities for happiness.”

In her new book “Scale or Fail,” Allison invites business owners to become well-rounded and happier throughout all the ups and downs as their businesses expand instead of being “constantly stressed out while chasing your tail!”

“Business owners are their own body’s worst enemy,” says Allison. “They are so driven to succeed, but they don’t take care of themselves, so they can’t succeed. You’ve got to make time for fun and relationships in your life. It is about building a company that also fits your lifestyle. If you are scaling it properly, you will be able to let go and trust that your team has got your back.

Besides being a business mogul, Allison has been a trapeze artist for 18 years. She sees so many great metaphors between business and the flying trapeze.

“When I’m up there,” she says, “I’m not thinking about any responsibilities. It is a great way to release stress and get refocused on myself; I have to focus or I could get hurt. I also face my fears every time I climb that ladder. I become more and more resilient, and in doing so up there, I become more and more resilient down here. The bigger the risk I take on the trapeze, the more fearless I become with my feet on the ground.”

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