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Reach for the Pinnacle of Success

Serial entrepreneur and business mentor Allison Maslan shows people how to grow rock-star companies while living meaningful lives

Everyone wants their business to succeed, but as we look around at the businesses we encounter every day in our communities, it is plain to see that some simply don’t make it very far from their launching pads. So, what is the difference between a business that succeeds and one that doesn’t? Why do some business owners struggle while others thrive? Serial entrepreneur and business mentor Allison Maslan has identified the “secret sauce” of business success and she shares it with her clients through her Pinnacle Global Business Coaching and Mastermind Program.


A Mentor Who Has Been There

These days, everyone is a life coach or business coach, from young adults fresh out of college to your next-door neighbor. In a world where it’s hard to find a business coach that actually has the experience to support you, Allison Maslan stands apart as a true business mentor, business expert and empowerment leader. She has successfully built 10 companies in all different industries, including serving as a holistic physician for 20 years. Allison knows what it takes to build and grow a business, and she knows how to take business owners from surviving to thriving in their companies and their lives.

“You have so many Internet marketers out there saying, ‘Make a million dollars,’ and that’s great,” Allison says. “I’m all about having a profitable business. It’s crucial… but you have to have a deeper meaning fueling you, giving you the energy to put the effort in that you need to succeed. When people don’t succeed, it’s not necessarily because they don’t have the right strategy; it’s because of their mindset. It’s how they see the world and how they value their own self-worth.”

Achieving Success, Living Your Life

The collegiate system in the Unites States pumps out graduate after graduate, many of whom end up feeling disillusioned by the sheer amount of money they spent on their education versus the reality of not being able to find a good job afterwards. The problem, according to Allison Maslan, is that “they don’t necessarily know what it takes to be successful. They may not be willing to put in the energy, the commitment, the sweat to make themselves a success. They are seeing people out there making millions and even billions, and that is truly possible, but you have to have that secret sauce, a combination of drive, passion and strategy, to make it happen.”

“We have more entrepreneurs coming into the marketplace than ever, including more women entrepreneurs than ever, but there are just certain proven qualities that it’s going to take for people to succeed.”

And it’s not all about what Allison calls the “ninja-like focus” that successful entrepreneurs need to succeed; it’s also about creating healthy outlets and a commitment to one’s personal well-being. “Business owners are their own body’s worst enemy,” says Allison. “They are so driven to succeed, but they don’t take care of themselves, so they can’t succeed. You’ve got to make time for fun and relationships in your life. You’ve got to have a place where you can disconnect and not think about all your responsibilities and just be present.”

Besides being a business mogul, Allison has been a trapeze artist for 17 years. “When I’m up there, I’m not thinking about any responsibilities. It is a great way to release stress and get refocused. I have to focus or I could get hurt. It’s also about facing my fears. I face my fears every time I climb that ladder. I become more and more resilient, and in doing so up there, I become more and more resilient down here. The bigger the risk I take on the trapeze, the less that business or life challenges hold me back me on the ground.”

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